With the assistance of a mortgage broker, you can sort through the competitive mortgage market and find the best rate. However, how do you find the right broker to meet all your needs?

What Is a Mortgage Broker?

The mortgage broker acts as a consultant, helping you find a lender to lend you money. They can help you explore the market, consider your financial situation, and apply for a mortgage on your behalf.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker Service?

Mortgage brokers are experts in their field who have access to lots of deals you might not find on your own. You should never hesitate to ask your mortgage broker questions, as they will possess knowledge that can assist you during the application process.

Here are a few tips on selecting the best mortgage broker for you.

1) Check the Registration

Make sure your mortgage broker is properly licensed and registered before speaking to them. A business that is not on the register is not authorised and therefore cannot be trusted.

2) Consider a Whole-Of-Market Approach

In general, it’s best to choose a broker who describes themselves as a ‘Whole-of-Market’ broker. The result was that they had access to every mortgage available on the market at the time. You will have much more options and a greater chance of finding the best deal if you work with a Whole-of-Market mortgage broker.

3) Compare Fees

Also, compare how brokers will take their fees. There are some that require upfront payment, but many others will only be paid by the bank when the mortgage is settled. Find a mortgage broker who works with your preferred payment method.

4) Read Reviews

Local customer reviews and social media make it easy to compare mortgage brokers. There are some mortgage brokers who host reviews of their services on their website (Testimonials), but you can also check out their social media platforms and review sites such as Trustpilot and Google.

Finding a reliable mortgage broker, who has the right experience and service will make the moving process much easier. Just remember to shop around and compare, to find that perfect offer.

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